Christmas Hamper - Bumper


2 packs of our own prime pork sausage
2 Pork Pies (1lb each)
1 pack cooked sliced ham (500g)
1 Gammon Joint (min 1.6kg)
1 pack Fresh Prime Sirloin Steak (min 360g)
2 T-Bone Steaks,
2 packs Pigs in Blankets (15 per pack),
Turkey Breast Joint (boneless, min 5kg),
1 prime Beef Roasting Joint (min 2.5kg),
1 Leg of Lamb Joint (min 2.5kg),
1 Whole Oven-ready Chicken (min 1.5kg),
3lb Back Bacon (2 unsmoked,
1 smoked), 2lb Streaky Bacon (unsmoked)