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Fillet Steaks

Fillet Steaks

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 Fillet Steak (pack of 2 x 8oz steaks ) 

Beef Fillet Steak - the finest, most succulent Steak Cut
Our fillet beef steaks are amongst the most tender cuts available. A classic steak and cut, this cut comes from some of the least worked parts of the animal and as such are extremely tender- almost falling apart when you eat it. The cut of beef itself sits beneath the ribs next to the back bone- it is then carefully and skillfully carved out of the loin by our master butchers. The fillet steak is much leaner, with a lower fat content than the ribeye cuts for example, but no lesser flavoursome and succulent.

Five-star restaurant quality steaks - so go on, treat yourself and your family

Find the nutrition information below
and here's a fantastic recipe video from Gordon Ramsay
Fillet Steak with Gremolata - Gordon Ramsay

Beef thick cut fillet steak 200g / Riverford

Nutrition Information
Typical Values 100g raw as sold contains
Energy 905kJ (220kcal)
Protein 18.4g
Carbohydrate 0g
Sugars 0g
Fat 16.0g
Saturates 6.7g
Mono Unsaturates 7.1g
Polyunsaturates 0.6g
Fibre 0g
Sodium* 0.1g
*Salt Equivalent 0.1g

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